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Your one Week Retreat in 2021

– Recharging, Adventures and Personal Growth

Join us in Bali in 2021

Immerse yourself in an incredible experience that will transform you on all levels. Let us take you on a journey to a special place. During the 7-day retreat breathtaking waterfalls, untouched nature, mountains and beaches, temples and yoga await you. The perfect setting for a journey inwards, on which we recharge, reflect, and reorient ourselves.

Experience the culture

The hospitality of the Balinese will move you. You will have the opportunity to dive into the culture in the truest sense of the word. In our water purification ritual, you will wash everything off you no longer need.

Discover Bali

Rest in the presence! Surrounded by the incredible nature of Bali’s pristine north coast, it is easy to be in the ’here and now’ and practice mindfulness. Enjoy the waterfalls and marvel at the legendary sunrise on Mount Batur.

Get in touch with your true self

Find peace and contemplation. Take the time to center and ground and get to know yourself better in the process. You will return home full force.

Beach or Mountains? Relaxation or Adventures? Personal Growth or Recharging? In this retreat you get it all!

Gaia Oasis Resort

I am so incredibly happy that we have the opportunity to hold our seminar at the Gaia Oasis Resort. The Gaia Oasis Resort has two parts connected by a shuttle: one on the beach and one in the mountains. Both parts have a restaurant, a group room, a pool and a spa area. There is also a temple belonging to the resort. Lovingly furnished, traditional Balinese bungalows, will be your accommodation for the retreat. Our housing will be at the beach part of the resort with the ocean right at our feet with snorkel gear available.

Ulrike Duke Bali Retreat Februar 2020_ Bali _Gaia Oasis Resort from the beach

Seminar Language

The retreat is held in German. However, people with other backgrounds are welcome to participate as well. Our staff and the teachers speak English and Portuguese. We will find our way around with all other languages too.

Whats included?

  • 6 nights at the Gaia Oasis Resort directly on the beach (single or double)
  • Daily Yoga classes at the Resort
  • Half board with fresh vegetarian meals from the in-house organic farm (Fish on Fridays)
  • Family Constellations & group sessions for letting go, being free, for mindfulness and compassion
  • Excursions to waterfalls, temple visits and water ceremony
  • 1 Usadha massage (1.5 hours) in the resort’s spa

Seminar Agenda

Day 1: Arrival, dinner & getting to know each other

Day 2: Yoga, breakfast, trip to the Aling Aling Waterfall, group session in self-awareness & dinner together

Day 3: Yoga, breakfast, a day of relaxation and group session, dinner

Day 4: Yoga, breakfast, excursion to the Palm Leaf Library, snorkeling or relaxing at the resort, group session in self-awareness & dinner together

Day 5: Traditional water ceremony for symbolic cleansing, group session in self-awareness & dinner together

Day 6: Yoga, breakfast, group session in self-awareness, lunch, group session in self-awareness & dinner together

Day 7: Breakfast & farewell

Enjoyment and Growth on all Levels

Your journey to Bali is the journey to your inner center and your inner compass. You will be able to recharge your batteries and find new perspectives to your problems in order to solve them holistically. Our well thought-out program, the healing environment and the fresh food will support you in your quest.

Achtsamreisen DE Body mind heart Bali retreat english 1

Let your brain work for you and your dreams.

Through meditation and mindfulness we learn to calm the mind, to see clearly and to react more calmly to the challenges of everyday life. In addition, you will learn even more methods, on how to use your brain to enrich your life.

Achtsamreisen DE Body mind heart Bali retreat english

Together we can do more.

Find out what’s hindering you and discover what makes you happy! We can talk a lot about our burdens – and usually in therapy we do. But real change has to be experienced to enter the heart. Through Constellation Work you will see how efficient changes can happen in a group setting.

Achtsamreisen DE Body mind heart Bali retreat english(2)

with Yoga, Massages and Outdoor Activities

When we seek positive changes in our lives, not only the mind has to expand and move, but our bodies as well. The almost daily yoga classes and the traditional Balinese Usadha massage will help you with that. Of course you can book more treatments at reasonable prices in the spa.

Get in touch with your true self – with body, mind and spirit.

Do you wanna come with us?

Register until 08/2021 and you will get the early bird discount! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

Use the early bird discount and book until 08/2020

You want to bring someone?

With pleasure! If you share a room for two, you both get a discount on the total price. For bookings until 08/2020 you are saving 2160€ total !!

Double room Bali Retreat Psychology

Make your dream come true – Take care of yourself – Join us in Bali!

Single room Rates Bali Retreat

Single room: Your own private space

Enjoy some alone-time to recharge after the rich day program until
08/2020 for the early bird price of 1999 €
(after that it's 2479 €).

Double room Rates Bali Retreat

Double room: With friends or your partner

You want to come together? Share a room and save up to 2160 €! Book until 08/2020 for the early bird price of 1399 € p.P. <br> (after that it's 1999 €).

See you in Bali!

I’m looking forward to our adventure

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